A biography of the early life of simon fraser and the oregon fur trade

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Outreach and Education

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Simon Fraser (explorer)

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Simon Fraser

Andrews, Canada West [now in Ontario, Canada]), Canadian fur trader and explorer who discovered the Fraser River in British Columbia. Fraser, whose loyalist father had died in a war prison in Albany, New York, moved with his family to Canada in Early life in the fur trade.

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The early fur trade with Native Americans, which developed alongside the coasts of North America, was not limited to the beaver. Beavers were not particularly valued and people preferred "fancy fur" or "fur that is used with or on the pelt.

The Oregon Fur Trade In Simon Fraser, employed by the Northwest Company, made his way across the Rockies and came down what is known now as the Fraser River to the Columbia. The next to come along was David Thompson, who was also employed by .

A biography of the early life of simon fraser and the oregon fur trade
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A biography of the early life of simon fraser and the oregon fur trade