A study on the measures of water conservation

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Water Conservation

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Water conservation

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These tips offer methods to reduce water consumption. Contamination of groundwater decreases the replenishment of available freshwater so taking preventative measures by protecting groundwater resources from contamination is an important aspect of water conservation.

An additional strategy to water conservation is practicing sustainable methods of utilizing groundwater resources. The planning process in development areas does not usually include measures to reduce hazards, and as a consequence, natural disasters cause needless human suffering and economic losses.

WWF's latest press releases, media contacts, and latest reports. Climate change is expected to impact ecosystems directly, such as through shifting climatic controls on species ranges, and indirectly, for example through changes in human land use that may result in habitat loss.

Shifting patterns of agricultural production in response to climate change have received little attention as a potential impact pathway for ecosystems.

A study on the measures of water conservation
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