An introduction to the history and the architecture of sainte chapelle

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Appareil en arête-de-poisson

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French Renaissance

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You'll see Paris, Burgundy, the Swiss Alps, Munich, Venice, Tuscany, and Rome. Name. Gothic architecture was known during the period as opus francigenum ("French/Frankish work"), The term "Gothic architecture" originated in the 16th century, and was originally very negative, suggesting barbaric.

Giorgio Vasari used the term "barbarous German style" in his Lives of the Artists to describe what is now considered the Gothic style, and in the introduction to the Lives. Louis IX (25 April – 25 August ), commonly known as Saint Louis, was King of France, the ninth from the House of Capet, and is a canonized Catholic and Anglican saint.

Louis was crowned in Reims at the age of 12, following the death of his father Louis VIII the Lion, although his mother, Blanche of Castile, ruled the kingdom until he reached maturity. The Basics Notre Dame's immense interior exemplifies French Gothic architecture—fluted columns, ribbed vaults, and sculptures demand attention from every angle, while the light that pours through prismatic windows gives the basilica an ethereal ambiance.

An introduction to the history and the architecture of sainte chapelle
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