An overview of equus character in journey of the human mind

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The Age of the Horse : An Equine Journey through Human History

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Jun 18,  · Working memory (WM) is fundamental to many aspects of human life, including learning, speech and text comprehension, prospection and future planning, and explicit “system 2” forms of reasoning, as well as overlapping heavily with fluid general intelligence.

The Age of the Horse: An Equine Journey through Human History by readbook · 19 September Man has always been fascinated by Equus caballus, recasting horse power into many forms: a hunk of meat, an industrial and agricultural machine, a luxury good, a cherished dancer, a comrade in arms and a symbol of a mythical past.

Equus is as complex as the human mind. Exploring psychological questions such as what does it mean to be normal, and should individuality be sacrificed for the sake of normality? Whilst propelling a mystery, crime story, and a psychological thriller, Peter Shaffer s Equus examines the minds.

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In this 13th year of our contest I’m again struck by the compassion and concern expressed by IPPY-winning authors for their fellow human beings and for our planet Earth.

An overview of equus character in journey of the human mind
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