An overview of the discography of mxpx

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Tooth & Nail Records is a Christian rock record label founded by Brandon Ebel in California in November The label later moved to Seattle, Washington where it is situated today.

Tooth & Nail Records

It has been home to many well-known musical acts, including Underoath, Hawk Nelson, Emery, The Almost, FM Static, Family Force 5, and MxPx. Tooth & Nail's first album released was Wish for Eden's Pet the. blink was made up of three members: Thomas (Tom) Matthew Delonge on guitar, Markus (Mark) Allan Hoppus playing bass, and Travis Landon Barker on drums.

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This is a comprehensive listing of official releases by MxPx, a three-piece American Christian punk [1] band, formed in in Bremerton, band has released eight studio albums, twenty singles, and five extended plays (EPs) among several other recordings.

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MxPx Discography of CDs

Kingdom Leaks's financial obligations can only be met with the help of user donations. Please help pay Kingdom Leaks's operating costs by donating. If MxPx were pioneers in Christian punk, Dogwood is the founding fathers. These guys play true punk similar to secular bands NOFX and the Offspring.

What Dogwood did best as opposed to any other bands on this list was .

An overview of the discography of mxpx
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