Annotated bibliography of the solo cello

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String Quartets, Op. 20 (Haydn)

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Clarinet Music - Studies and Exercises

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Ledbetter argues that Bach s unaccompanied works the six suites for solo cello, six sonatas and partitas for solo violin, seven works for lute, and the suite for solo flute should be considered together to enable one piece to elucidate another. An Annotated Bibliography; Books about Classical Guitar and Lute Making: An Annotated.

The solo flute sonatas of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach A re-evaluation of the appoggiatura, and its links to performance practice and compositional style. diss.

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with Zoë Bossuyt (violin I), Wannes Jamin (violin II), Alexander Adriaenssens (cello).

Annotated bibliography of the solo cello
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