Asian carp destroying the great lakes essay

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In this website it contains an interview as well as information bout the threat the Asian Carp impose on the great lakes. The interview is from Dwayne Chapman, a fish biologist from Columbia Missouri who gives the scientific insight on the asian carp problem.

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Asian carp: Why this invasive species is so dangerous to the Great Lakes

“Asian Carp and the Effect on the Great Lakes” Statement of the Issue Asian carp are a threat to the Great Lakes if they invade them. They could destroy the Great Lakes ecosystem by overpopulating the lakes and disrupting the food chain. Jun 23,  · "The news of an Asian carp found within nine miles of the Great Lakes is cause for serious concern," Ohio GOP Sen.

Rob Portman said in a statement.

Invasive Asian carp found near Great Lakes beyond electrified barrier

"The fishing industry in the Great Lakes is a $7.

Asian carp destroying the great lakes essay
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