Influence of yu ebao on the chinese banking industry

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the influence of yu ebao on commercial banks March – March Yu Ebao is an internet financial product of Alibaba Group which can add value to balance while deposits and withdrawals Title: SAS advanced.

banking industry. Seeing tremendous market opportunities, market players from different industries have swarmed into the Internet finance industry; their number has posted an explosive increase in a relatively loose environment.

There are three categories of leading players, each with distinctive value propositions and key success factors: 1.

Influence of Yu’ebao on the Chinese Banking Industry. Due to factors of system and policy, traditional banks are at the core of finance services. However, with the deepening of reform in all fields. Internet finance has grown rapidly in China over the past years.

Through introducing internet finance’s “reducing management cost” and “raising capital cost” effects into bank risk-taking model, this paper systematically investigates the dynamic and heterogeneous influence of internet finance on China commercial banks’ risk-taking. The Impact between the Development of the Internet Financial Impact of the Banking Industry——Analysis from the Viewpoint of the Yu'ebao.

,especially Jun17,the balance of treasure was born,making the people to re-evaluate the internet financial balance of treasure,for example,demand deposits from the banking,financial. WEI YAO et al: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EMPLOYEE PSYCHOLOGICAL CAPITAL AND It explores the relationship between employee psychological capital and organizational Alipay and Yu Ebao makes the banking business scope extended and refined constantly, the business.

Influence of yu ebao on the chinese banking industry
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