Journey to the interior poem atwood

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‘Journey to the Interior’ by Margaret Atwood Essay Sample

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Margaret Atwood's

She is a prolific writer and very creative so it is interesting to look at this poem. S1 This is obviously an internal journey within contrasted with travelling in the external environment. The first line states that there are ‘similarities’.

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Sometimes I want to highlight a few new books really quickly, without doing my epic blog posts here at BookNotes. We’ve been on the road and we will soon share a bit about the events we served, the people we met, the books we sold, hither and yon.

‘Journey to the Interior’ by Margaret Atwood Essay Sample ‘Journey to the Interior’ by Margaret Atwood is a text that uses physical or material things to demonstrate an inner journey. It uses the metaphor of the Canadian landscape to explain the journey of life and the inner journey of self-discovery.

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