Looking at the withered arm by thomas hardy essay

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The Distracted Preacher and in The Withered Arm

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Other Characters

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Thomas Hardy Short Fiction Analysis - Essay

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The main characters in both ‘The Fly Paper’ by Elizabeth Taylor and ‘The Withered Arm’ by Thomas Hardy are women.

The Portrayal of Womenin ‘The Withered Arm’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘The Fly Paper’ by E Taylor Essay

These women come from everyday life and are set in the social settings of the writers’ own times. Hardy raises concerns about social class in “The Withered Arm” He feels that the working class were mistreated and shows this, in the description of Rhoda’s house, the fact that Rhoda’s son is so unimportant he doesn’t have a name and, because of his working class how he was hanged as an example to trouble makers, even though he was innocent.

Hardy gains the reader’s interest in The Withered Arm by introducing a supernatural side because the idea of magic and powers beyond our control interests the reader. However, he introduces it in a clever way because as Rhoda is surprise, the reader is unsure how she managed to “exercise a malignant power over” Gertrude.

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The supernatural theme is cleverly applied by Hardy in the Withered Arm, through setting, actions, history and speech.

The setting for most of the story, Egdon Heath, derived from an isolated building on the edge of a tract of wild heath land near where Hardy lived.

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Looking at the withered arm by thomas hardy essay
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