Stanhope is the hero in journeys

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Journeys End – R.C.Sherriff – “Character of Stanhope” Essay

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Stanhope Is the Hero in “Journey’s End”

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Only Continuity openly states how stupid it all seems:. Stanhope provides the most obvious candidate for the accolade of “hero” in Journey’s End: skayra.comff has included many themes in Journey’s End; a play portraying the reality of trench warfare.

"Is Stanhope the hero of Journey's End?" Explore the ways in which Sheriff presents the character of Stanhope "How is the dear young boy?

Still drinking like a fish, as usual?". May 12,  · The above are examples of hero-worship in ‘Journey’s End’, but hero-worship and true heroism are seldom the same thing. One example of true heroism from Stanhope comes when he persuades Hibbert to stay and take part in the big push.

Stanhope is furious that Lt Raleigh has found a way to join his unit. Mostly because he is worried that Raleigh will tell his sister about his (Stanhope’s) drinking. He tries to confiscate a letter Raleigh has written only to discover that Raleigh described him as a hero.

Journey’s End is about life in the trenches during World War One, and about the depressing one by one, soldiers go ‘over the top’ and meet with death routine. Captain Dennis Stanhope, a British officer whose three years in the front lines have made him a hard, cynical, and heavy-drinking man.

Stanhope is first and foremost a soldier, however, and when.

Stanhope is the hero in journeys
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