The bicycle

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Vehicles for human transport that have two wheels and require balancing by the rider date back to the early 19th century. The first means of transport making use of two wheels arranged consecutively, and thus the archetype of the bicycle, was the German draisine dating back to The term bicycle was coined in France in the s, and the descriptive title "penny farthing", used to describe an "Ordinary.

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Apr 06,  · The voice over, the voice of the bicycle, drives the story forward with eloquence and humor. Choosing a British voice over artist was definitely a funny choice, as the formality of it adds a nice juxtaposition to the sometimes unceremonious events that happen to the bicycle/10(37).

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The Stark County Bicycle Club (the "SCBC"), located in Canton, Ohio, was formed in The Club has grown to members, and offers the most robust and diversified ride schedule in all of Ohio. Welcome to Bike Obsession in the heart of Brisbane City.

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The bicycle
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