The definition of affirmative action

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affirmative action

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Affirmative Action Law and Legal Definition

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Mull[ edit ] No distinctions based on investment, religion or sex are done under the Essay Constitution. Affirmative action is the policy of giving jobs and other opportunities to members of groups such as racial minorities or women who might not otherwise have them.

[US] regional note: in. Definition of affirmative action for English Language Learners: the practice of improving the educational and job opportunities of members of groups that have not been treated fairly in the past because of their race, sex, etc. Legal Definition of affirmative 1: asserting the existence of certain facts especially in support of a cause of action affirmative proof.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action, in the United States, an active effort to improve employment or educational opportunities for members of minority groups and for women.

Affirmative action began as a government remedy to the effects of long-standing discrimination against such groups and has consisted of.

Definition of 'affirmative action'

For federal contractors and subcontractors, affirmative action must be taken by covered employers to recruit and advance qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans.

Affirmative actions include training programs, outreach efforts, and other positive steps. Affirmative action in the United States is a set of laws, policies, guidelines and administrative practices "intended to end and correct the effects of a specific form of discrimination" that include government-mandated, government-sanctioned and voluntary private programs.

The definition of affirmative action
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Affirmative action legal definition of affirmative action