The depiction of workers in the

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New book offers firsthand depiction of growing up in a WWII defense housing project

After reading Of Mice and Men, explain that migrant farm workers like George and Lennie have been depicted in many varieties of art, and were known by many nicknames like hobos, bindle stiffs, and boxcar Willies.

Tell the students we are going to listen to one such depiction in song. Oct 11,  · Twenty five years after it was first broadcast Boys from the Blackstuff remains a powerful depiction of the despair of unemployment in the early 's.

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A remarkably detailed satellite image of Egypt vividly displays the winding Nile River and its distinctive delta. The Sinai peninsula and Red Sea are on the right. Workers in Ancient Egypt.

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Two types of workers existed in Ancient Egypt-- unskilled workers and skilled craftsmen. Unskilled workers were peasants who labored in large groups to accomplish large projects, normally for the government.

CHINESE LABOR. A large majority of the white laboring class on the Pacific Coast find more profitable and congenial employment in mining and agricultural pursuits, than in railroad work.

The depiction of workers in the
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