The discovery and news about the cell nucleus

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Liquid metal discovery ushers in new wave of chemistry and electronics

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Lipid metabolism discovered in cell nucleus

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Single-Nucleus RNA-Seq Merges with Microfluidics

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Changing the Locks: HIV Discovery Could Allow Scientists to Block Virus's Entry Into Cell Nucleus, University College London Study Published: Dec 15, Scientists have found the 'key' that HIV uses to enter our cells' nuclei, allowing it to disable the immune system and cause AIDS.

This lesson will introduce students to the genetic information stored in DNA within the human cell nucleus.

The discovery provides insight into how the larger, complex cell types that are the building blocks for fungi, plants and animals including people, a group called eukaryotes, evolved from small.

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Biologists Discover How Viruses Hijack Cell’s Machinery

Jump to. mTor is a protein kinase that puts phosphate molecules onto other proteins as a way of sending signals into the nucleus of a cell to change what the cell 4/5(6). A recent study shows that the transport receptor Importin relocates PTEN, a tumor suppressor, to the nucleus, preventing its degradation in the cytoplasm.

Mice lacking Importin are prone to lung cancers, and its absence in human prostate and lung tumors signals a poorer prognosis.

"In our research, we have found the 'lock and key' that allow HIV to enter a cell's nucleus. Once inside, the virus can begin to replicate itself, spreading almost unchecked throughout the body.

The discovery and news about the cell nucleus
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Chromosomes: Definition & Structure