The early life and role of amerigo vespucci in the discovery of the new world

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Amerigo Vespucci

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Amerigo Vespucci: Famous Explorers of the World

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Prior to Vespucci's discovery, explorers, including Columbus, had assumed that the New World was part of Asia. Early life.

Amerigo Vespucci was born on March 9,in. A Florentine navigator and pilot major of Castile, Spain, Amerigo Vespucci, for whom America is named, played a major part in exploring the New World.

Childhood The father of Amerigo Vespucci was Nastagio Vespucci, and his uncle was the learned Dominican Giorgio Antonio Vespucci, who had charge of Amerigo's education.

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Amerigo Vespucci, representing Italian Bankers traveled to the new world in Based on the writings of Amerigo Vespucci, Martin Waldseemuller became convinced, as did many scholars at the time, that the New World was indeed comprised of new continents.

Amerigo Vespucci was the scion of a prominent Italian family. He was born in Florence, Italy on March 9th, He was educated in his early years by his paternal uncle, who was a Dominican friar and monk. In his youth, Amerigo was preoccupied by a love for maps and books. At the age of 24, Amerigo.

amerigo vespucci. Early Life.

Amerigo Vespucci: Facts, Biography & Naming of America

Vespucci was born on March 9, His family was very rich and since Vespucci was a little boy he had always been fascinated by astronomy. He was also fascinated by explorers and voyages and always dreamed of having an adventure of his own. That dream finally came true inwhen he finally got to go.

Thus, Columbus was deprived of the great honor of having his name given to the new world he had discovered. However, in the early days of our nation, there was much sentiment in favor of calling it Columbia in honor of Columbus.

Amerigo Vespucci The early life and role of amerigo vespucci in the discovery of the new world
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