The effect of television on the creativity of the children

Watching Television Kills Children's Creativity

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The AFTEREFFECT OF Television On Children TEENAGERS Essay

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Psychologists research effect of television on children's creativity

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With early childhood, from the time customers are born, they are still sponges, absorbing everything around them conclusion to mold the person they will help to become. Research Showing Negative Trappings There has been much meaning done on the effects lifetime television can have on children.

The purpose of the Children’s Television Act or CTA was to produce more of the educational and informational programming on television that they believe would be more beneficial to children. The CTA requires all television stations in the United Stated to provide educational and informational programming for children.

Even though my children have never seen a television program all the way through, I am amazed at how well my two teenagers are up to speed with current events and today's cultural wars simply from the short time they spend on the Internet reading the news and opinion columns from various sources.

TV kills imagination, and Imagination is an important part of creativity. For example, when you read, “It was a beautiful morning,” your mind immediately begins to draw a picture of a beautiful morning for you.

ldren Is television a positive force in the lives of young children? That is the question many parents find themselves asking. They come home from work to see their child glued to the TV not willing to move for anything.

Losing Creativity: The Negative Effect of Television on Children. Psychologists research effect of television on children's creativity “There's a lot of speculation that television makes children behave in certain ways but there's actually very little scientific research that has looked at what affect it has.”.

The effects of television on children and adolescents An annot at e d bibliography with an introductory overview of research results Prep are d by The International Association for Mask I Communication Research'-: Amsterdam J Editor.

The effect of television on the creativity of the children
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