The effects of genx being dumped into the cape fear river for four decades

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Our View: GenX filters? Water lines? It's government's call

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Costs could run as high as nearly $, per house in parts of Bladen County west of the Cape Fear River. It was being dumped into the river and was flowing into the groundwater around the.

This is occurring even as investigations continue and political debate heats up over the state's response to revelations that GenX and other potentially harmful compounds have been dumped into the Cape Fear River for several decades.

The current event regarding public health that is happening near home is the GenX in Cape Fear Public Utility Authority's (CFPUA) water stream. I have chosen an article that is from CBS News that concisely describes the issue and has been effectively communicated throughout the nation.

The. A federal lawsuit seeks to stop a company from continuing to allow little-studied industrial compounds to get into the Cape Fear River in eastern North Carolina.

(Source: WECT) Recent test results of Brunswick County's water show the lowest levels of.

How is GenX getting into the Cape Fear River?

Known as GenX, the new chemical has been known by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to have negative health effects since at least Yet, the unregulated chemical has been continuously dumped into the Cape Fear River in North Carolina since

The effects of genx being dumped into the cape fear river for four decades
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