The iran contra affair

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Reagan administration scandals

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Congress or violated the stated public policy of the government. Mar 27,  · Watch video · Learn about the Iran-Contra Affair under President Reagan who secretly supported an anti-Communist group in Nicaragua and funneled weapons to Iranian terrorists in exchange for American hostages. The Iran-Contra Affairs of the s stemmed from the Reagan Administration’s foreign policies toward two seemingly unrelated countries, Nicaragua and Iran.

The Administration believed that changes to these countries that occurred in the s threatened U.S. national interests. The Iran–Contra affair, as it became known, did serious damage to the Reagan presidency. The investigations were effectively halted when President George H.

W. Bush (Reagan's vice president) pardoned Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger before his trial began.

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Iran-Contra Affair A political scandal in the United States that came to light in November During the Reagan administration, senior Reagan Administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the subject of an arms embargo in hopes of securing the release of hostages and allowing U.S.

intelligence agencies to fund the. Iran-contra affair, in U.S. history, secret arrangement in the s to provide funds to the Nicaraguan contra rebels from profits gained by selling arms to Iran. The Iran-contra affair was the product of two separate initiatives during the .

The iran contra affair
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