The legalization of marijuana in urugauy

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Uruguay to legalize marijuana, Senate says

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Uruguay's legal marijuana policy en route to next phase of regulation

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Uruguay to legalize marijuana, Senate says

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One Year After Uruguay Legalized Marijuana, Here's What It's Become

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Cannabis in Uruguay

Marijuana legalization was aimed at undercutting drug cartels and therefore reducing crime. Mujica has described the law as an “experiment” for the rest of the world.

Cannabis in Uruguay

May 06,  · Uruguay is the first country to regulate legal production, sale and consumption of marijuana, and new rules explain how the South American country will do it. So far about 3, people (out of Uruguay’s population of million) have signed up to buy marijuana at pharmacies.

Additionally, since about 6, have signed up as home growers and 57 cannabis clubs have been set up, according to the government’s Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute. While in (the year before cannabis legalization) persons were indicted for drug-related crimes, in that number raised to Cannabis is still by far the most seized drug, with.

The price of marijuana in Uruguay has been set at $ per gram, according to a report from Komoron Law, a Michigan-based firm which advises clients on cannabis issues. People take part in a demo for the legalization of marijuana in front of the Legislative Palace in Montevideo, on December 10,as the Senate discusses a law on the legalization of marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana in urugauy
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