The life of the wormsley common gang in graham greenes the destructors

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The Destructors Summary

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Graham Greene!!!!! 1! It was on the eve of August Bank Holiday that the latest recruit became the leader of the Wormsley Common gang. Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” is a real-life like story that shows how societal forces or the environment shapes the behavior and thinking of the protagonists.

Moreover, the story becomes a manifestation of history and protests during a time of despair, dramatically presented by the author.

The Destructors

Chris Holmes "The Destructors" By: Graham Greene Pages Mr. Butler English This short story written by Graham Greene portrays a group of teenage boys, who call themselves the Wormsley Common Gang, after an area where they lived in.

“The Destructors” by Graham Greene is a short story about a group of boys in a gang called Wormsley Common Gang and how their latest recruit had a rebellious plan on destroying a house from inside out of an elderly man.

This short story fits in the genre of crime and drama because of what the gang does to this old man’s home just to be.

The story begins by introducing us to the Wormsley Common Gang, a group of boys ranging from nine to fifteen years of age, who live in a tough area of London and spend their summer holiday pulling pranks.

They gather daily in an empty lot created when bombs dropped on England during World War 2 destroyed the houses that used to stand there.

"The Destructors" is a story that chronicles the destruction of a house by a gang of juvenile delinquents. "The Destructors" is set in one of the poorest regions in London, Wormsley Common.

In Wormsley Common is a group of teenage boys, known as the Wormsley Common gang.

The life of the wormsley common gang in graham greenes the destructors
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