The price hike of college tuition over the past decade

States Are Still Funding Higher Education Below Pre-Recession Levels

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College tuition in the United States

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50 Colleges With the Biggest Tuition Hikes

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Cost Of College Degree In U.S. Has Increased 1,120 Percent In 30 Years, Report Says

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Tuition Rise at Public Universities: Who's Responsible?

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Public and private schools each typically have their own college inflation rate, which measures the annual increase in tuition and fees. According to The College Board®, the average tuition increase was percent at private colleges, and percent at public universities. However, looking back at the last decade, the year historical.

Oct 23,  · Colleges see a slowdown in tuition price increases. Average sticker prices at the nation's four-year public universities rose % this year, the smallest annual increase in more than three decades.

Jun 08,  · The price of a year at college has increased by the speaker was an assistant dean at a college that had just announced a tuition hike of 19 percent; and the question before him was how much.

Feb 23,  · The Real Price of College Tuition has increased on average by 33 percent over the past decade, according to the Center on .

The price hike of college tuition over the past decade
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