The road to ppb the stages of budget reform from public administration review

The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budget Reform

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Budgetary reform in the United States has evolved through three distinct stages, the last of which is as- sociated wtih the contemporary Planning-Programming- Budgeting System. In the initial stage, the primary emphasis was on central control of spending and the budget was utilized to guard against administrative abuses.

Commission on Economy and Efficiency

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Adapting Budgeting To The Political Environment

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ByFrance and India had joined the Pacific group. Public Administration Review November-Decemberpp “The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budget Reform.” Public Administration Review December a Wildaysky, Aaron. “The Political Economy of Efficiency: Cost-Benefit Analysis, Systems Analysis, and Program Budgeting.” Public Administration Review Decemberpp.

The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budget Reform

The road to ppb the stages of budget reform from public administration review
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