The significance of the att v city of portland case

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850 F. 2d 543 - Miller v. AT&T Network Systems at & T

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[¶11] We are assisted in the analysis of this case by the instructive case of Swallow v. City of Lewiston, A.2d (Me.

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). There, the plaintiff fell on the poorly lit curb between the walkway and parking area near a public building. AT&T Corp.

v. City of Portland, F.3d(9 th Cir. ).

Again, the TCDA defines “telecommunications services” to mean “the transmission of two-way interactive communications to the public for hire,” and the TMA adopted this definition. AT&T CORP. V. CITY OF PORTLAND By Christopher K Ridder Distinctions between cable and telephone service are blurring because of a phenomenon known as convergence.

Convergence is a long sought-after achievement that is beginning to come to fruition: providers of cable. November 14, - Portland City Council approve the settlement agreement in U.S.

v City of Portland. [44] November 28, - Portland City Council extends a tax on land-line phone service providers to cover the costs of police reforms stemming from the settlement of U.S.

v City of Portland. Nature of the Case. This is a federal suit brought by AT&T and TCI, a cable company which AT&T has acquired, for a declaratory judgment that the City of Portland and the County of Multnomah illegally refused to grant AT&T/TCI's request for change of control.

The significance of the att v city of portland case
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