The smurfette principle a popular media

Tropes vs. Women: #3 The Smurfette Principle

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Smurfette principle

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In the short story “Smurfette Principle,” by Katha Pollitt, she covers the idea that in entertainment, girls only exist in relation to a group of boys (). I think she slightly overlooks entertainment’s influence on girls. The Smurfette Principle: a Popular Media Phenomenon Essay.

Similar to the late s when political and economic reform reached an impasse, the late s was a time of corruption, nepotism, political infighting, and widespread popular disgruntlement, so the re-mythologization of Mao in the popular media fed the public's yearning for an era of simplicity and purity.

Smurfette principle Coined by New York Times writer Katha Pollitt infilms and TV shows that adhere to the Smurfette Principle feature one female character in an all-male ensemble. The use of this trope highlights the male domination of narratives and the underrepresentation of females. The "Smurfette Principle" describes a very common pattern in films, TV shows, books and other forms of narrative media where the main group of protagonists will contain exactly one female and several males.

In particular, the Smurfette Principle. The phrase was coined back in by Us writer Katha Pollitt, who bemoaned the number of films and TV programmes that featured a group with one lone female.

Not just The Smurfs but also The Muppets, Winnie The Pooh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so forth. The Celluloid Ceiling: Women, Film, & Representation $ digital When we talk about the literal representation of women in media and pop culture, the world of film is home to a legion of examples of how the female voice has been shunted to the sidelines.

The smurfette principle a popular media
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