The solow growth model

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Neoclassical Growth Theory

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Mod­el­ing Finan­cial Insta­bil­ity

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Solow–Swan model

SOLOW I. Introduction, - II. A model of long-run growth, - III.

The Solow Growth Model

Possible growth patterns, Solow also was the first to develop a growth model with different vintages of capital. The idea behind Solow's vintage capital growth model is that new capital is more valuable than old (vintage) capital because new capital is produced through known technology.

The Solow per capita production function The production function model was applied to the study of growth problems by Robert Solow (American economist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nobel prize ). Solow began with a production function of the Cobb-Douglas type.

Solow’s growth model is a unique and splendid contribution to economic growth theory. It establishes the stability of the steady-state growth through a very simple and elementary adjustment mechanism. INTRODUCTION Development has meant many things, depending on the era and context.

For the scope of this paper, development refers to economic growth that leads to increased standard of living.

The solow growth model
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Solow growth model